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Long I-BRICK V-Ramp - CVDA



Description I-BRICK is a range of wall recessed luminaires with LED light sources. The glare-free cover enables I-BRICK to be installed in most places where a comfortable illumination is needed. The high quality LED chip from world renowned manufacturers allow for less energy consumption with acceptable lighting levels. I-BRICK family is available in 5 different front covers in 2 sizes. The shallow housing can be installed in either wall or step where recess depth is limited. The high quality LED driver is integrated inside the luminaire for ease of installation. They are widely used to illuminate stairways, pathways and walls. Spec • Designed, Manufactured and tested according to IEC 60598-1, IEC 60598-2-1, IEC 60598-2-2 and VDE regulations. • LM6 die-cast aluminium body. • GFR polymer recess box. • Stainless steel screws. • Nano Ceramic surface conversion. • Double layer coating. • Polycarbonate or Safety glass cover. • Post-cured silicone gasket. • High quality LED module and driver. • GFR PA6.6 terminal block. • Weather proof grommet. • Installation work has to be carried on according to the enclosed product manual. 

Все источники света Номинальная мощность лампы Световой поток Световая отдача CCT CRI
1 x LED 3,1 Вт 370 lm 119 lm/W 2700 K 80
Long I-BRICK V-Ramp - CVDA

Long I-BRICK V-Ramp - CVDA 

Световой выход 1 

1 x LED 



Форма и размеры 

Длина: 79 мм

Ширина: 115 мм

Высота: 339 мм




Мощность: 5 Вт

контроллер: DALI

класс защиты: I


IP: 65

IK: 06

Фотометрические данные

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