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SLD75 POLY cover LED 2700K + lens 50°



A new era of LED dedicated linear lighting. Our well renowned SL75 lighting cove has been redeveloped and is now LED dedicated. SLD75 is a completely customizable solution, guaranteeing the perfect size for your setting. The LED module, combined with different lenses, prismatic poly or PMMA poly grants you the perfect solution for office lighting with a low UGR. SLD75 equipped with standard poly is perfect for general lighting and is even offered in standard preset dimming in order to guarantee you a longer life cycle. Continuous line constructed with several modules of 280mm length Attention: Minimum 2 modules in profile 

Все источники света Номинальная мощность лампы Световой поток Световая отдача CCT CRI
1 x LED 9 Вт 966 lm 67 lm/W 2700 K 90
SLD75 POLY cover LED 2700K + lens 50°

SLD75 POLY cover LED 2700K + lens 50° 

Световой выход 1 

1 x LED 


Потолочный накладной

Форма и размеры 

Длина: 280 мм

Ширина: 75 мм

Высота: 100 мм




Мощность: 9 Вт


IP: 20

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