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Copenhagen LED Big BSS441 FG T15 ECO85-3S/740 DM



Copenhagen LED – discreet and timeless design Copenhagen LED was co-designed together with Copenhagen’s Office of City Architecture in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city’s lighting. The luminaire’s timeless design comes in two sizes – mini and large – to ensure that the dimensions of the luminaire and pole are well balanced, and that the installation blends in harmoniously with its surroundings. A variety of suspensions are available, offering maximum freedom in the overall design of the installation. A choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical distributions and state-of-the-art LED technology complete the specification of an extremely adaptable luminaire. 

Все источники света Номинальная мощность лампы Световой поток Световая отдача CCT CRI
1 x Аргоновые 8900 lm 114 lm/W 3000 K 99
Copenhagen LED Big BSS441 FG T15 ECO85-3S/740 DM

Copenhagen LED Big BSS441 FG T15 ECO85-3S/740 DM 

Световой выход 1 

1 x Аргоновые 


Потолочный накладной

Форма и размеры 

Высота: 328 мм

Диаметр: 462 мм


Мощность: 72 Вт

Фотометрические данные

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