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Introduction: The basic version of the 08 series high-performance LED module is equipped with a digital, electronic ballast (DVG). By using highly efficient LEDs (luminous efficacy of 137.8lm / W - 157lm / W net) the 08 series saves additional energy costs. The unique temperature management enables safe use even under the toughest conditions. These LED modules are installed in a robust, IP65 and ATEX (Zone 2 / 22) protected fitting and are therefore ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. Areas of application: - Chemical industry - Production plants - Logistics companies - Outdoor areas - Car parks - Areas with robust and high lighting requirements Technical description: - Thanks to the external DVG, the entire system has a significantly longer service life - Lower temperatures in the armature guarantee more efficient LED performance - 120cm: wattage freely adjustable between 16W to 54W / lumen freely adjustable between 2293lm to 7988lm - 150cm: wattage freely adjustable between 23W to 81W / lumen freely adjustable between 3285lm to 11003lm - High efficiency up to 157lm / W (net) - Digital light control possible via motion, presence or light sensors - Maximum rated life - The DVG is easily interchangeable - LED service life:> 80,000 hours (L90B10) at 35 ° C room temperature - McAdam LED classification - at least 2 SCDM or better - Continuous PCB in length, easily exchangeable - Emergency power operation possible - ATEX (EX) protected, suitable for Zone 2 / 22 - At least 84 months guarantee 

Тип лампы Номинальная мощность лампы Общий световой поток Световая отдача CCT CRI
LED 27 Вт 3858 lm 143 lm/W 5000 K 83


Световой выход 1 (интегрированный) 



Подвесной, Потолочный накладной

Форма и размеры 

Длина: 1195 мм

Ширина: 29 мм

Высота: 29 мм




Мощность: 27 Вт

контроллер: затемнения 0..10V, DALI


IP: 65

Обозначение: CE, ENEC

Взрывозащита: подходит для использования в зоне: 2

Прочие характеристики 

Диапазон температур: -30...50 °C

Фотометрические данные

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