Scheda tecnica

Itza Delta Single grey S TW 2700-6500K - 27K CLO



Installation Wire suspension via bracket with friction lock, supplied with luminaire. Connection Single – Connections are made at the end of the luminaire and are concealed by the end-cap. 5-way snap-in terminal block at one end. Continuous installation – 5-way snap-in terminal block at each end and through-wiring cable 3⊗1.5 mm² as standard. With dimming, 5-way snap-in terminal block, 1-phase through-wiring possible. Design Luminaire body of sheet steel, white (RAL 9016) or alu-grey (RAL 9006) finish, end-caps in polycarbonate. The top is covered by an active film which generates a broad light pattern and which works as a dust cover. When continuous installation is required the luminaire is supplemented with continuous couplers and end-caps, see the accessory page. Louvre Delta – microprism louvre in acrylic (PMMA. Reflector The louvre act as a reflector. 

Tipo di lampada Potenza nominale Flusso totale Emissione luminosa CCT CRI
LED 44 W 4437 lm 101 lm/W 2700 K 80

Tipo di montaggio 


Forma e Dimensioni 

Lunghezza: 1244 mm

Larghezza: 124 mm

Altezza: 95 mm



Corpo: colore / materiale 

Colore del corpo: Grigio argento, Bianco

Cablaggio / Dimming 

Potenza sistema: 44 W

Grado di protezione 

IP: 20

Photometric data

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