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2/58W NS HPF



Applications Suitable to be used in: Hygienic areas with low dust particles and germ counts, e.g. hospital, operating theaters, pharmacies, laboratories, pharmaceutical, food processing, patients rooms, etc… Specifications Housing: Made of press welded Cold Rolled Steel "CRS" sheet of tight construction to prevent light leakage, diffuser frame made of Plain Aluminum, all metal parts pre-treated with a full degreasing and phosphate process, painted in stove enameled white baked epoxy polyester mix-powder to ensure high reflectance of painted surfaces. "Other color finishes upon request" Light Controller: V shaped matt anodized aluminum louvers, with strip plain aluminum cross-baffle. Louvers fixed on white aluminum frame incorporates tempered glass or polycarbonate hygienic layer, special UV resistant gasket seal ensures tight fit between body and diffuser, suspension kit supplied for easy maintenance, also for easy installation, a suspension system consisting of a special kit adjustable from inside the luminaire can be supplied on request. Hygienic layer features UV resistant, High resistant for mechanical impact and high resistant for most of the disinfectant chemicals used in operation theatre rooms, delivery rooms, etc… Mounting: Concealed. Suitable for fix in Metric or Imperial or Concealed standard T-profile false ceiling. Control Gear: High Power Factor "HPF" ( E/G 90% ) Conventional Control Gear "CCG". High Power Factor "HPF" ( E/G 90% ) Pre-Heat Rapid Start "RS". High Frequency Electronic Control Gear "ECG". High Frequency Dimmable Electronic Control Gear "ECG". Voltage / Frequency: 120v, 127v, 220v or 277v / 60Hz. 230v or 240v / 50Hz "Other Voltages upon request" Cable Entry: 1x22 mm dia. hole on top. "Extra knock-out holes upon request" Lamps: 18, 36 & 58 watt T8/T26 Fluorescent for Normal Start “NS”, Electronic Start "DEOS" or Electronic High Frequency "HF" Ballast "EB". 20 & 40 watt T12/T38 Fluorescent for Rapid Start "RS". 17& 32 watt T8 Fluorescent for Electronic High Frequency "HF" Ballast "EB". 14, 28 & 35 watt FH T5/T16 Fluorescent for Electronic High Frequency "HF" Ballast "EB". 24, 49, 54 & 80 watt FQ T5/T16 Fluorescent for Electronic High Frequency "HF" Ballast "EB". "Other lamps (T5/T16 – T8/T26 – T12/T38 – TCL - TC-DE – TC-TE) upon request & fitting housing dimensions subject to changes accordingly" Emergency Unit: 90 Minutes or 3 Hours duration Emergency Unit "EMU" with battery pack Maintained "/M" or Non-Maintained "/NM" for one lamp, and for various lamps types and voltage networks combinations. "Additional Emergency Units to operate more than one lamp on request" 

Configurazioni disponibili Potenza nominale Flusso Emissione luminosa CCT CRI
2 x Fluorescente lineare T5 (16mm) 58 W 5200 lm 43 lm/W 4000 K 85
2/58W NS HPF

2/58W NS HPF 

Emissione luce 1 

2 x Fluorescente lineare T5 (16mm) 

Tipo di montaggio 

Incasso a soffitto

Forma e Dimensioni 

Lunghezza: 1495 mm

Larghezza: 295 mm

Altezza: 100 mm



Cablaggio / Dimming 

Potenza sistema: 116 W

Grado di protezione 

IP: 65

Photometric data

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