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BALDUR 3200LM 830 STD O-DI L1124

BALDUR 3200LM 830 STD O-DI L1124


Baldur LED lightline system, IP40, Class I, 230V, 50Hz, designed for retail, offices and industry. Changeable positions of LED light units, made of sheet steel in white (RAL9016), silver-gray (RAL 9006) and black (RAL9005) for toolless snap-in installation in Baldur trunking system. With high efficient mid-power quality LED, non-dim LED driver and with precision optics made from PMMA, Opal Cover with 8% indirect light to the ceiling ,luminaire efficacy of 121 lm/W , length 1124mm. Luminaire luminous flux 3200lm, system power 26,5W. The average lifetime of LED is 70.000 hours at 20% decrease of light flux (L80B10); color rendering Ra >80, light color 3000K, warm-white. - Baldur trunking system elements made of steel available in 1124mm, 1686mm, 2248 mm, 3372mm or 4496mm. 5-, 7-, 9-, or 11- wires throughtwiring depending on demand, including electric contact blocks to install the units. Depending on the version one electric contact block per 281mm or 562 mm or one electric block per light unit length. Fixation brackets for steel wire or chain suspension or direct ceiling fixation or mounting to visible T-profiles available. Maximum distance between fixation brackets: 4m. 

Tipo di lampada Potenza nominale Flusso totale Emissione luminosa CCT CRI
LED 26,5 W 3200 lm 121 lm/W 3000 K 80
BALDUR 3200LM 830 STD O-DI L1124

BALDUR 3200LM 830 STD O-DI L1124 

Emissione luce 1 (integrata) 


Tipo di montaggio 

Montaggio a soffitto, Sospeso, A binario / In linea

Forma e Dimensioni 

Lunghezza: 1124 mm

Larghezza: 63 mm

Altezza: 97 mm

Peso: 3,66 kg



Corpo: colore / materiale 

Colore del corpo: Nero, Bianco, Grigio argento

Cablaggio / Dimming 

Potenza sistema: 26,5 W

Voltaggio: 230 V AC

Reattore: ECG

Adatto per cablaggio passante

Classe di protezione: I

Grado di protezione 

IP: 40

Marcatura: CE, ENEC

Photometric data

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