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RUFO 390/4000-830 Z-RF-Pos3



Diffuser luminaire Design: Single diffuser luminaire round, diameter 390 mm, with LED modules for ceiling or wall mounting. Circular, deep drawn rigid steel housing, white powder-coated. Sprung steel catches are used to fix the diffuser. Fitted with RIDI-LED modules. Rectangular LED modules mounted on the luminaire base and additionally on the cap profile bracket for homogenous illumination of the diffuser. LED modules with copper coating on both sides for optimum heat distribution. 2-channel design (...-2K) with two LED drivers per luminaire. Two LED circuits are each actuated by a driver, allowing separate switching (50/50), e.g. for night lighting. In versions with radar sensor (...-RS) one channel (50%) is switched to the sensor. Ten different resistances and ten different luminous flux levels can be set for the luminaires using an integrated flexible resistance (ResFlex). Electronic converter for LED, 220-240 Volt, 0/50-60 Hz and internal connector block 5x2.5mm². Suitable for direct voltage operation and use in central battery systems. Mounting: Direct ceiling or wall mounting without additional accessories. RUFO 390 … Z Flat cylindrical acrylic glass diffuser made of opal, UV-resistant PMMA. Satin finish on the diffuser surface. 

Tipo di lampada Potenza nominale Flusso totale Emissione luminosa CCT CRI
LED 20 W 2420 lm 121 lm/W 3000 K 80
RUFO 390/4000-830 Z-RF-Pos3

RUFO 390/4000-830 Z-RF-Pos3 

Emissione luce 1 (integrata) 


Tipo di montaggio 

Montaggio a soffitto

Forma e Dimensioni 

Altezza: 116 mm

Diametro: 390 mm



Cablaggio / Dimming 

Potenza sistema: 20 W

Grado di protezione 

IP: 40

Photometric data

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