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D20-R210 214 SF X Louvre


Light source 1 x TC-DEL 18, 26W 1 x TC-R 14, 17W 1 x TC-TEL 32W 2 x TC-DEL 18, 26W 2 x TC-R 14, 17W Supplied with or without light sources. Ballast Electronic ballast (HF), analogue dimming (HFDa), digital dimming (HFDd) or DALI. Body material & colour Body made of white ABS/polycarbonate (PC). Reflector made of PC can be supllied in matt (SM), high gloss (SI) or faceted high gloss (SF) metallized surface/finish. Mounting For installation directly onto ceilings or ceiling junction box by use of integral adapter. Accessories Décor elements X-louvre Turbo-louvre IP covers Connection 5 pole 2,5 mm² push-in terminal block prepared for through wiring. Integrated emergency light Can be supplied with emergency lighting systems (Standard, Self Test or DALI addressable). 

Configurazioni disponibili Potenza nominale Flusso Emissione luminosa CCT CRI
2 x Fluorescente compatto 14 W 1050 lm 36 lm/W 0 K 80
D20-R210 214 SF X Louvre

D20-R210 214 SF X Louvre 

Emissione luce 1 

2 x Fluorescente compatto 

Tipo di montaggio 

Incasso a soffitto

Forma e Dimensioni 

Altezza: 153 mm

Diametro: 381 mm



Cablaggio / Dimming 

Potenza sistema: 33 W

Classe di protezione: II

Grado di protezione 

IP: 20

Photometric data

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