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A10-S350 218


Light source LED Colour tolerances: MacAdams 3 Colour rendering: CRI 80 Lifetime: Minimum 50 000 hour, L70, Max Ta A10-S350 LED 1100 lumen out A10-S440 LED 1400 lumen out LED 2500 lumen out For precise lumen values please see the data sheet on item level Conventional with compact fluorescent tubes A10-S350 1 x TC-D 18, 26W, 1 x T5-C 1x22, 2 x TC-D 18W, 2 x TC-R 14W, A10-S440 1 x T5-C 40W, 2 x TC-D 26W, 2 x TC-R 17W Supplied with or without light sources. Ballast LED: Fixed output (HF), DALI dimmable (100-1%), AC (light modulation with a frequency of 100Hz) Conventional with compact fluorescent tubes: Electronic ballast (HF), analogue dimming (HFDa), digital dimming (HFDd) or DALI Body material & colour House and diffuser in Polycarbonate (PC) and geartray in steel Mounting Surface mounted luminaire for installation on flush mounting box or on the ceiling and wall. Connection 5 pole push-in terminal block prepared for through wiring. Integrated emergency light Most variants can be supplied with emergency lighting systems (Standard, SelfTest or DALI addressable). Integrated sensors Ultrasonic movement sensor type U-SEN 

Ampoules disponibles Puissance nominative du lampe Flux lumineux de la source Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
2 x Lampe fluocompacte 18 W 1200 lm 36 lm/W 0 K 80
A10-S350 218

A10-S350 218 

Surface lumineux 1 

2 x Lampe fluocompacte 

Type de montage 


Forme et dimensions 

Hauteur: 105 mm

Diamètre: 350 mm




Puissance du système: 36 W

Types de protection 

IP: 44

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