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CHOCM-R 220.830.80.02/DALI 80°

CHOCM-R 220.830.80.02/DALI

LTS Licht & Leuchten

square recessed luminaire with wide range of applications and very small installation depth, outstanding ease of maintenance, no UV and thermal emissions, thermal management via housing, integrated high-tech lenses made from acrylic glass with black louvre optics for high luminous efficiency and glare-free lighting, symmetrical and wide-beam light distribution, housing made from sheet steel, tool-free ceiling mounting via quick-action clamping springs (automatic adjustment of the ceiling thickness), connection to ballast via pre-fitted luminaire cable, ballast (LED converter DALI, dimmable) included (external placement) Note: Required installation space: L x B x H = 250 x 250 x 50 mm. Lamps: LED Modul 2 x 2 / 830 / CRI 80 / 3000 K Lifetime: L80 B20 50000 h Luminous flux: 760 lm beam angle: 80° System power: 7.3 W System efficiency: 104.10 lm/W UGR 4H/8H 70/50/20: 18.7/18.7 (C0/C90) Supply voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz Supply unit: Betriebsgerät (LED-Konverter DALI, dimmbar) Protection class: III Type of protection: IP20 Norms: UKCA, CE Weight: 0.340 kg Recessed depth: 50 mm Cut-out: 90 x 90 mm Ceiling thickness: 1 - 15 mm Dimensions (LxWxH): 106 x 106 x 27 mm colour: black, silver, white, RAL Manufacturer: LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH Type: CHOCM-R 220.830.80.02/DALI 

Ampoules disponibles Puissance nominative du lampe Flux lumineux de la source Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
1 x LED 7 W 760 lm 109 lm/W 3000 K 80
CHOCM-R 220.830.80.02/DALI 80°

CHOCM-R 220.830.80.02/DALI 80° 

Surface lumineux 1 

1 x LED 

Type de montage 


Forme et dimensions 

Longueur: 106 mm

Largeur: 106 mm

Hauteur: 52 mm


Puissance du système: 7 W

Types de protection 

IP: 20

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