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240-10-3030-5000KK 60 120

240-10-3030-5000KK 60 120


Introduction: The 10 series from TRiALED convinces with quality, modern design and above all with a robust construction. Different optics allow surfaces such as Shelf aisles, narrow buildings etc. optimally illuminated Optionally, installation times can be reduced to a minimum using our track and enable extremely flexible use, even if requirements change over the course of the service life. This transforms the spotlight into a high-performance light band. With our light management system, influences such as daylight, movement and presence can be ideally achieved for energy savings of up to 90%. Areas of application: - production plants - logistics companies - sports facilities - Areas with robust and high lighting requirements Technical description: - Highest quality die-cast aluminum housing - Special, highly heat-conductive and absolutely dust-repellent coating - Low temperatures on the housing guarantee an extremely long service life - Application range: -40 ° C to + 50 ° C - CRI value: ≥ 83 - High efficiency up to 130lm / W - Net lumens: up to 30500lm - D certified - Ball-proof - Ready to Dimm (1-10V) for linear dimming and further savings in energy costs - Digital light control possible via motion, presence or light sensors - Nominal LED service life:> 80,000 hours (L85B10) - McAdam LED classification - at least 2 SCDM or better - Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting using a suspension or adjustable bracket (optional accessories) - Screwed circuit boards, no susceptible solder joints (shake-proof) - Overvoltage protection - At least 84 months warranty - Made in Germany 

Type de source Puissance nominative du lampe Flux totale Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
LED 236 W 30500 lm 129 lm/W 5000 K 83
240-10-3030-5000KK 60 120

240-10-3030-5000KK 60 120 

Surface lumineux 1 (integré) 


Type de montage 

Suspendu, Plafonnier

Forme et dimensions 

Longueur: 1400 mm

Largeur: 115 mm

Hauteur: 144 mm




Puissance du système: 236 W

Contrôleur: Dimmable 0..10V, DALI

Types de protection 

Resistant to impact of balls

Étiquette: CE

Autres indicateurs 

Niveau de température: -40...50 °C

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