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Skot Maxi Wall opal, 1x26W TC-TEL


louis poulsen

Skot Maxi Wall/Ceiling Design : Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S Concept : The fixture is available with two types of distribution: symmetric or asymmetric. The asymmetric is only recommended for wall mounting. The opal diffuser creates a soft light distribution. Finish : Aluminium coloured or graphite with textured surface, powder coated. Material : Injection moulded clear polycarbonate or injection moulded opal polycarbonate. Base/cross guard: Die cast aluminium. Mounting : Terminal block: 1x5x6mm². Cable entries: 6x rear entries. 3x knockout entries in each side. Looping: Approved, max. 4x2,5mm². Ballast positioning: In wall box. Wall box: Die cast aluminium. Class : Ingress protection IP66. Electric shock protection II w/o ground. Vandal Proof II. Weight : Max. 7.5kg. 

Ampoules disponibles Puissance nominative du lampe Flux lumineux de la source Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
1 x Lampe fluocompacte 26 W 1800 lm 27 lm/W 3000 K 82
Skot Maxi Wall opal, 1x26W TC-TEL

Skot Maxi Wall opal, 1x26W TC-TEL 

Surface lumineux 1 

1 x Lampe fluocompacte 

Type de montage 

En applique

Forme et dimensions 

Hauteur: 298 mm

Diamètre: 191 mm




Puissance du système: 26 W

Classe de protection: II

Types de protection 

IP: 66

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