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Small Sirocco-Surface Washer/Bi-Symmetric



SIROCCO is the luminaire family of floodlight, surfacewasher and area lighting with asymmetrical and bi-symmetrical light distribution. It is available in 3 different sizes with the range of mounting accessory like ground mount base, pole mount cap and wall mount outrigger arm.The luminaires are operating with discharge lamp from 70W to 400W with integral control gear.The aluminium reflector used in these luminaires provides either concentrated or diffused light emisiion.The accurate aiming unit allows the luminaires to be adjusted to meet the requirement of the situation.They are suitable to illuminate pedesstrain areas, residential streets, car parks, buildings, squares, avenues and traffic areas.The burning position of the lamps used in these luminaires must be observed. SPECIFICATION • Fixture is manufactured in compliance with IEC 60598. Electrical protection class 1. IP65. • Housing, cover and wall bracket in high-pressure die-cast aluminium alloy. Coated steel ground bracket for Sirocco-Floodlight. Bracket with 1 central hole Ø 25mm, 2 holes Ø 10mm spacing 80mm and 2 holes 14mm spacing 210mm. Pole is available seperately. • Nano Ceramic surface conversion, resistant to corrosive environment. Luminiare primarily coated with epoxy resin and top coated with UV stabilized polyester powder and cured in digital temperature controlled chamber at 200°C. • Impact resistant transparent safety tempered glass. Able to withstand sudden change of temperature up to 250 C. • High purity anodised aluminium 99.90% from Alanod. Asymmetrical/Bi- symmetrical light distribution. Available in diffused and concentrated light output. • Weather proof and durable silicone gasket. Service temperature -40 to +200 C. • All external screw is in 316 stainless steel with silicone grease dipping. • Cable entry for Sirocco-Floodlight in PG11/PG13.5 brass nickle cable gland for H07RN-F cable 3G x1 Cable entry for Sirocco-Surface. Washer in PG11 synthesized rubber grommet for H07RN-F cable 3G x1 • Rx7s holder in steatite body with electrolytic silver contact from EMC Colosio - Italy / ENEC approved. For discharge lamp and halogen lamp. T250 rating 6/1000/5kV. • Fc2 ceramic nickle conductor from Vossloh Schwabe - Germany / ENEC approved. For discharge lamp. T250 rating 10/250/5kV. E40 ceramic nickle-coated contact from Vossloh Schwabe - Germany / ENEC approved. For discharge lamp. T270 nominal rating 18/750. • Magnetic ballast from Vossloh Schwabe - Germany / ENEC approved. 230V 50Hz tw130. For discharge lamp. Auto switch-off electronic superimposed ignitor from Helvar - Finland / ENEC approved. Ignition voltage 2.3/4.5 kV 220-240V 50-60Hz. For discharge lamp. Power factor correction for discharge lamp from Vossloh Schwabe - Germany or from Electronicon - Germany. ENEC approved. • 1x0.75 / 1x1.50 silicone rubber insulated cable with fiberglass braid from CET Eletric - Italy / IMQ approved. 2kV / -60 to +180 C service temperature. Double silicone insulation ignition wire. Tinned copper condutor. Impulsive voltage 5kV. Connector in glass-fiber reinforced PA6.6 from BM - Italy / ENEC approved. Service temperature up to 200 C. Cross section 4mm. Rating 4A/400V. Sirocco-Surface Washer come with quick connector in PA6.6 from ADELS - Germany / VDE approved. Sirocco-Surface Washer come with quick connector in PA6.6 from ADELS - Germany / VDE approved. AVAILABLE COLOR: Black - RAL9005 (replace last 2 digits on ordering code with 01) Graphite - RAL7016 (replace last 2 digits on ordering code with 02) Dark Grey - RAL7037 (replace last 2 digits on ordering code with 03) Aluminium Silver - RAL9006 (replace last 2 digits on ordering code with 04) White - RAL9010 (replace last 2 digits on ordering code with 06) 

Ampoules disponibles Puissance nominative du lampe Flux lumineux de la source Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
1 x LED 73 W 8560 lm 117 lm/W 4000 K 80
Small Sirocco-Surface Washer/Bi-Symmetric

Small Sirocco-Surface Washer/Bi-Symmetric 

Surface lumineux 1 

1 x LED 

Type de montage 

En applique

Forme et dimensions 

Longueur: 119 mm

Largeur: 135 mm

Hauteur: 135 mm




Couleur du luminaire: Noir, Anthracite / Graphite, Gris argent, Blanc


Puissance du système: 78 W

Contrôleur: DALI

Classe de protection: I

Types de protection 

IP: 65

IK: 07

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