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NADIR - 3x Narrow 12° - 215W



Die-cast aluminium body (EN 47100). Control gear compartment made of die-cast aluminium. Die-cast aluminium caps. Double layer polyester powder paint resistant to corrosion and salt spray fog. Silicone rubber gaskets. AISI 316 stainless steel external screws. Wiring on removable galvanized steel tray. Driver protected against voltage surges up to 6kV. Reflector made of engineering plastic metalized in high-vacuum. For RGB versions: lenses are manufactured with optical grade PMMA with high resistance to UV and high temperatures. Screen made of 8mm thermal-shock resistant tempered glass. Goniometer scale to aim light. It complies with standards EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2-5. 

Tipo de lámpara Potencia nominal de lámpara Flujo total Eficiencia luminosa CCT CRI
LED 215 W 23100 lm 107 lm/W 3000 K 80
NADIR - 3x Narrow 12° - 215W

NADIR - 3x Narrow 12° - 215W 

Emisión de luz 1 (integrada) 


Tipo de Montaje 

Montaje en pared

Forma y medidas 

Longitud: 618 mm

Anchura: 193 mm

Altura ajustable: 50 mm


Ajuste sin restricciones


Potencia: 215 W

Clases de aislamiento: I


IP: 66

IK: 10

Dato fotométrico

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