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MILES 1 50W (24 degrees)

Bright Special Lighting

The luminaire MILES 1 12V is appropriate for placement with base or special adapter on truck. It is made by castpressed aluminium and has the adaption ability of a fixed bracket with different lengths as also a special lighting unit LED. The luminaire has the ability of full revolution to all directions and has electronic transformer 12V for placement on track. 

Equipo disponible Potencia nominal de lámpara Flujo de lámpara Eficiencia luminosa CCT CRI
1 x QR-CBC51 / GU 5.3 Halogen Lamp with Dichroic Reflector 50 W 1025 lm 20 lm/W 3100 K 99
MILES 1 50W (24 degrees)

MILES 1 50W (24 degrees) 

Emisión de luz 1 

1 x QR-CBC51 / GU 5.3 Halogen Lamp with Dichroic Reflector 

Tipo de Montaje 

Montaje en techo

Forma y medidas 

Altura ajustable: 65 mm

Diámetro: 75 mm


Giratorio, Reclinable


Potencia: 52 W


IP: 20

Dato fotométrico

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