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MIRZ67-1500 LED 6500


Light source LED 2500 - 11000 Lumen Out Light source information: 4000 Kelvin, 3000K on request. CRI 80. MacAdams 3. Driver Fixed output (HF) and DALI dimmable (10-100%). Driver life time up to 120.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C. Body material & colour Housing in Aluzink or acid-proof steel with white epoxy/polyester powder coated finish. Alternatively in unpainted acid-proof steel. The diffuser is made of impact-proof polycarbonate (PC) or modified impact resistant acrylic (KEM) with spring clips in acid-proof steel. Mounting The luminaire is supplied with fixed end brackets, triangle suspension or 2 x M8 hood nuts. Bracket for horizontal wire and revolvable bracket to be mounted on the fixed end bracket. M8 rod -, tube -, pole -, cable bridge -, side - and vibration suspension to be mounted through the M8 hood nut. M8 hood nuts with flexible CC and other special suspensions on request. Accessories Suspension kits. Connection 5 pole 6 mm² screw terminal block. 5 x 2,5 mm² through wiring on request. Integrated emergency light Most variants can be supplied with emergency lighting systems (Standard, Self Test or DALI addressable) with internal battery (Ta=25°) or external battery box. 

Tipo de lámpara Potencia nominal de lámpara Flujo total Eficiencia luminosa CCT CRI
LED 43 W 6436 lm 150 lm/W 4000 K 80
MIRZ67-1500 LED 6500

MIRZ67-1500 LED 6500 

Emisión de luz 1 (integrada) 


Tipo de Montaje 

Montaje en techo

Forma y medidas 

Longitud: 1634 mm

Anchura: 165 mm

Altura ajustable: 128 mm




Potencia: 43 W


IP: 67

IK: 10

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