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Mini multiple trimless 1xLED retrofit



Highly versatile Twenty years after its initial launch, Multiple is still a coveted fitting. The versatile Multiple leaves nothing to the imagination with the technology on full display, allowing this fitting to fit well into both a minimalist and an industrial-chic environment. The gimballed system allows you to direct the light source at any angle of your choice. Available in a recessed version (Multiple trimless) or for surface mounting in a sleek aluminium housing (Multiple surface). Mini-multiple is a smaller recessed version, which is available trimless or with a trim. 

Lamp type Nominal lamp power Total flux Luminous efficacy CCT CRI
LED 5.5 W 389 lm 71 lm/W 2700 K 80
Mini multiple trimless 1xLED retrofit

Mini multiple trimless 1xLED retrofit 

Light output 1 (integrated) 


Mounting mode 

Ceiling recessed

Shape and measurements 

Length: 102 mm

Width: 102 mm

Height: 10 mm




System power: 5.5 W


IP: 20

Photometric data

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