Product data sheet

3-Wire Track Metal-halide



Lamp:HIT-CE/G12/70W Material:Aluminum Quantity/CTN(pcs):6 CTN Dimension:590*310*600mm Include Electronic Gear Lamp not included Application: All kinds of Commercial Places. Fashion Shops, Showrooms, Brand Chains Stores, Supermarkers, Hotels, Exhibition Halls, Conversation Halls, Warehouses, Etc. 

Available equipment Nominal lamp power Lamp flux Luminous efficacy CCT CRI
1 x Metal halide lamp 70 W 6200 lm 41 lm/W
3-Wire Track Metal-halide

3-Wire Track Metal-halide 

Light output 1 

1 x Metal halide lamp 

Mounting mode 

Ceiling mounted

Shape and measurements 

Height: 5.71 in

Diameter: 4.57 in


System power: 78 W

Photometric data

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