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C51-S 410x1500 LED 15000 840 3xWB OP


Light source 2 x T5 28, 54, 35, 49, 80W (287 width) 3 x T5 28, 54, 35, 49, 80W (413 width) 4 x T5 28, 54, 35, 49, 80W (413 width, 80W on request) Can be supplied with or without light source. LED: 8000-20000lm out. 3000/4000 Kelvin, CRI 80. CRI 90 on request, MacAdams 3. Lifetime LED: Up to 100.000h Ta25. Minimum 50 000h Max Ta. For precise technical information please see the data sheet on item level. (Use <Find your version> on right side) Driver Electronic ballast (HF), analogue dimming (HFDa), digital dimming (HFDd) or DALI. LED: Only HF or DALI. Body material & colour Steel body in pre-painted white. Mounting The luminaire is mounted directly onto the ceiling or cable rail. Alternatively it can be suspended using a standard mounting set, to be ordered separately. For 3-tubes LED version, as extra bracket (C51S00059) is needed together with the suspension set. The luminaire is supplied ready balanced as standard. A curved top cover preventing balls etc. landing on top can be ordered separately. IP23 as standard but available as IP54 with glass diffuser. Connection Cable entry on top and in each end. 5 pole push-in terminal block is standard. <> Optics Double parabolic softlight optic type SLS that is strengthened for use in sport halls Integrated emergency light Emergency light type standard (S), Selftest (ST) and addressable DALI (DALI). 

Lamp type Nominal lamp power Total flux Luminous efficacy CCT CRI
LED 146 W 15414 lm 106 lm/W 4000 K 80
C51-S 410x1500 LED 15000 840 3xWB OP

C51-S 410x1500 LED 15000 840 3xWB OP 

Light output 1 (integrated) 


Mounting mode 

Ceiling mounted

Shape and measurements 

Length: 58.90 in

Width: 16.26 in

Height: 3.27 in




Color of housing: White


System power: 146 W


IP: 23

Photometric data

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