FlexBlend Recessed RC342B PSD W15L125 1 xLED36S/830 PCS



FlexBlend - Unlocking the potential of LED lighting in offices Office owners and staff responsible for lighting operations are searching for high quality yet energy-efficient lighting that complies with norms and regulations. Designed to support these needs, Philips FlexBlend is enabling building owners to fully optimize their lighting operations, by offering office-compliant lighting with an attractive return on investment. Furthermore, FlexBlend provides the required flexibility by being easy applied on different ceiling types as well as in different office spaces like open office or meeting rooms. Though technology is changing fast, the ideal lighting solution is also expected to be ready to incorporate innovations and future advances that can help optimize operations further. For this reason, Philips FlexBlend is also ready to be connected to controls such as Actilume or used together with the Philips SpaceWise lighting system. It can also be connected to software-based lighting systems like Interact Office, which provides the luminaire with further intelligence and enables it to collect valuable data about its environment 

Verfügbare Bestückungen Lampen-Nennleistung Lampen-Lichtstrom Leuchten-Lichtausbeute CCT CRI
1 x Allgebrauchsglühlampe 3600 lm 136 lm/W 3000 K 99
FlexBlend Recessed RC342B PSD W15L125 1 xLED36S/830 PCS

FlexBlend Recessed RC342B PSD W15L125 1 xLED36S/830 PCS 

Lichtaustritt 1 

1 x Allgebrauchsglühlampe 



Bauform und Abmessungen 

Länge: 1247 mm

Breite: 147 mm

Höhe: 86 mm


Systemleistung: 26,5 W


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