UniStreet gen2 BGP281 T25 1 xLED20-4S/740 DN10



The easy way to ledify your road lighting – UniStreet gen2. "Designed for large-scale ledification projects, the UniStreet gen2 is the ideal 1:1 luminaire replacement for municipalities. Thanks to its high efficiency and low initial cost, the UniStreet gen2 luminaire enables a fast payback and significant savings in terms of energy consumption within a short period of time. The ease of installation and maintenance is enabled by the Philips Service tag and the Philips SR (System Ready) socket makes it future-ready and you can pair this luminaire with lighting control and software applications such as Interact City. Available with a number of different optics and lumen packages that can even be tuned further to fit exact project requirements, UniStreet gen2 is a true point-to-point replacement solution for conventional light sources. The compact luminaire, using high-quality materials is also easy to dismantle and recycle at the end of its lifetime. 

Verfügbare Bestückungen Lampen-Nennleistung Lampen-Lichtstrom Leuchten-Lichtausbeute CCT CRI
1 x Allgebrauchsglühlampe 2000 lm 138 lm/W 4000 K 70
UniStreet gen2 BGP281 T25 1 xLED20-4S/740 DN10

UniStreet gen2 BGP281 T25 1 xLED20-4S/740 DN10 

Lichtaustritt 1 

1 x Allgebrauchsglühlampe 



Bauform und Abmessungen 

Länge: 520 mm

Breite: 232 mm

Höhe: 95 mm


Systemleistung: 13 W


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