Asteria M



Astria, Glennor's family of anti-flammable lights, is a great way to illuminate potential danger areas. This series of products has a very strong body, the metal parts of which are made of aluminum without copper, and due to the existing coating, it is suitable for use in corrosive environments with high temperature and humidity. This product uses high-strength mechanical and thermal borosilicate glass. Also, this light has IP67 protection degree and can be used in outdoor environments. It is possible to install this product as a ceiling, column, and hanger installation, and the relevant brackets are provided on the product by the customer's order. You can also use a special repair bracket on these brackets to facilitate repairs. If the lights are installed in areas prone to impact, an external reflector and protection can be used on the product. Electrically, this product has the necessary variety to meet the needs of the lighting industry in high-risk areas. The lights are provided with fluorescent and LED light sources and in different powers. In addition to the usual lighting applications, emergency models are available for use during power outages and other models are used to determine emergency exits and lighting of exit routes. 

Lampentyp Lampen-Nennleistung Gesamtlichtstrom Leuchten-Lichtausbeute CCT CRI
LED 18 W 1433 lm 80 lm/W 4500 K 80
Asteria M

Asteria M 

Lichtaustritt 1 (integriert) 




Bauform und Abmessungen 

Höhe: 709 mm

Durchmesser: 140 mm




Systemleistung: 18 W

Schutzklasse: I


IP: 67

IK: 07


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