Maxi Tube Pole Light/Double Sided



TUBE a family of cylindrical shaped wall light, ceiling light and Area light. It is available in 3 different sizes. They are protected from the ingress of dust and water and are used in both outdoor and indoor environments. Operating with high lumen output LED in 3 color temperature 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. TUBE can solve many lighting tasks in modern architectural surrounds and are widely used in illuminating columns and facades. The body components are made from extruded and LM6 die-cast aluminium which make them highly corrosion resistant to any extreme environment. The bollard and pole light version gives a great level of downward light in respect to the lighting pollution issue. Spec • Designed, Manufactured and Tested according to IEC 60598-1, IEC 60598-2-1, IEC 60598-2-2 and VDE regulations. • LM6 Die Cast Aluminium and Extruded Aluminium body. • Stainless steel screws. • Nano Ceramic surface conversion. • Double layer coating. • Safety glass cover. • Post-cured silicone gasket. • High quality LED module and driver. • High efficiency reflector. • Weather proof grommet. • GFR PA6.6 terminal block. • Installation work has to be carried on according to the enclosed installation manual. 

Verfügbare Bestückungen Lampen-Nennleistung Lampen-Lichtstrom Leuchten-Lichtausbeute CCT CRI
1 x LED 52 W 7110 lm 137 lm/W 2700 K 80



Bauform und Abmessungen 

Länge: 301 mm

Breite: 628 mm

Höhe: 3013 mm




Systemleistung: 112 W

Schutzklasse: I


IP: 65

IK: 07


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