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IDUN 2800lm 830 DALI PMMA 600x600 LC



Nordeon Idun LED-recessed luminaire, Class I, visible surface: IP40 / ceiling side: IP20, 220-240V, 50-60Hz, for general lighting. For ceilings with exposed T-profiles. Module size 600x600 mm. Housing made from white steel, higly efficient prismatic optic made from PMMA. Weight: 4,2 kg. Extremely energy efficient throught high-quality LED components. Luminaire luminous flux 2900 lm, system power 26 W. Luminaire efficacy of: 112 lm/W. Optimized wide beam light distribution curve suitable for computer monitor workplaces according EN 12464-1. With high efficient mid-power quality LED, Philips Xitanium LED driver DALI, The average lifetime of LED is 70.000 hours at 20% decrease of light flux (L80B10); CRI >80, Lightcolour 3000K, warm-white. Simple electrical connection with the reverse-polarity protected Linect® connector but can also be connected in the conventional way (with strain relief). 

Tipo di lampada Potenza nominale Flusso totale Emissione luminosa CCT CRI
LED 26 W 2900 lm 112 lm/W 3000 K 80
IDUN 2800lm 830 DALI PMMA 600x600 LC

IDUN 2800lm 830 DALI PMMA 600x600 LC 

Emissione luce 1 (integrata) 


Tipo di montaggio 

Incasso a soffitto

Forma e Dimensioni 

Lunghezza: 594 mm

Larghezza: 594 mm

Altezza: 38 mm

Peso: 4,2 kg



Protezione abbagliamento 

Protezione abbagliamento: Controllo abbagliamento: UGR < 19

Cablaggio / Dimming 

Potenza sistema: 26 W

Voltaggio: 230 V

Reattore: ECG

Dimmer: DALI

Adatto per cablaggio passante

Classe di protezione: I

Grado di protezione 

IP: 20

IK: 06

Marcatura: CE, ENEC

Photometric data

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