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BPP602 28xXP-G/WW 250mA NRN


Stela - revolutionary success on your doorstep Stela is at the forefront of LED technology in street lighting. REVOLED cooling and light distribution concept enables enormous energy savings and CO<SUB>2</SUB> reductions, whilst meeting current lighting standards. Excellent thermal management of the LEDs ensures a very long lifetime, eliminating the need for lamp replacement and resulting in a very attractive Total Cost of Ownership. Stela has its own clear own identity, which heralds a new era in lighting 

Ampoules disponibles Puissance nominative du lampe Flux lumineux de la source Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
28 x XP-G/WW 1936 lm 1940 lm/W 3000 K 99
BPP602 28xXP-G/WW 250mA NRN

BPP602 28xXP-G/WW 250mA NRN 

Surface lumineux 1 

28 x XP-G/WW 

Type de montage 


Forme et dimensions 

Longueur: 450 mm

Largeur: 660 mm

Hauteur: 135 mm


Puissance du système: 24 W

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