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TCS477 3xTL5-49W/452/827/452 HFD ND PC-MLO


SchoolVision – the lighting solution that enhances children’s learning This surface-mounted luminaire is part of our SchoolVision lighting concept – the only energy-efficient lighting solution that has proven to increase the learning performance of children and students. SchoolVision luminaires use energy-efficient MASTER TL5 lamps and electronic ballasts. Moreover, SchoolVision utilizes controls with integrated daylight sensing and presence detection. This makes the overall solution highly energy-efficient, enabling the lowest possible energy consumption and a significant reduction in CO² emissions. SchoolVision surface-mounted TCS477 is a Dynamic Lighting luminaire, which can provide the various lighting settings that are needed to give children the best learning experience. Thanks to its integrated micro-lens optic (MLO) technology, it creates a true “surface of light”, which makes it a very comfortable solution. If you would like to know more about SchoolVision, please go to 

Ampoules disponibles Puissance nominative du lampe Flux lumineux de la source Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
3 x TL5-49W/452/827/452 11700 lm 159 lm/W 3000 K 99
TCS477 3xTL5-49W/452/827/452 HFD ND PC-MLO

TCS477 3xTL5-49W/452/827/452 HFD ND PC-MLO 

Surface lumineux 1 

3 x TL5-49W/452/827/452 

Type de montage 


Forme et dimensions 

Longueur: 1540 mm

Largeur: 332 mm

Hauteur: 65 mm


Puissance du système: 163 W

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