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TTX260 2xTL5-49W HFP C-NB


TTX260 – low-cost investment, good performance TTX260 is a value-for-money, versatile light-line solution – it can be used with or without (low-cost) reflectors, and the family easily covers most applications. This simple, two-component system features a clever design that avoids the use of a geartray. And T5 miniaturization minimizes the use of materials. These factors make TTX260 a low-cost investment, and yet its relatively high light output ratio ensures good lighting performance. What’s more, installation costs are minimized thanks to the place-and-click fitting system, which requires no special tools or training. Sturdy, yet slim and stylish, TTX260 has a look similar to the popular Maxos light-lines 

Ampoules disponibles Puissance nominative du lampe Flux lumineux de la source Efficacité lumineuse CCT CRI
2 x TL5-49W/840 8750 lm 144 lm/W 4000 K 80
TTX260 2xTL5-49W HFP C-NB

TTX260 2xTL5-49W HFP C-NB 

Surface lumineux 1 

2 x TL5-49W/840 

Type de montage 


Forme et dimensions 

Longueur: 2958 mm

Largeur: 81 mm

Hauteur: 72 mm


Puissance du système: 108 W

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