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Maxitatto 70W HIT flood



Maxitatto is a walk-over ground recessed light for outdoor use with 70W metallic iodide lights with cold glass, and 150W with A4 stainless steel ring or all glass finish. EN AB 47100 die-cast aluminium, oxidation-resistant body and thermoplastic rough– in housing. Transparent tempered glass diffuser. Symmetrical and asymmetrical spot-type optics and wall-washer for illuminating medium-large facades while also saving energy. This photometric is under updating. Seek news on www.ghidini.it 

Equipo disponible Potencia nominal de lámpara Flujo de lámpara Eficiencia luminosa CCT CRI
1 x HCIT70WDL 6600 lm 56 lm/W 2819 K 99
Maxitatto 70W HIT flood

Maxitatto 70W HIT flood 

Emisión de luz 1 

1 x HCIT70WDL 

Tipo de Montaje 

Empotrado en suelo

Forma y medidas 

Longitud: 365 mm

Anchura: 365 mm

Altura ajustable: 1 mm


Ajuste sin restricciones


Potencia: 70 W


IP: 67

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