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Vik 35W HIT 8° spot



Imagen de productos 1: Vik 35W HIT 8° spot
Imagen de productos 1: Vik 35W HIT 8° spot

Imagen de productos 1: Vik 35W HIT 8° spot 


Turnable and orientable floodlight with transformer and stake made of die-cast aluminum EN AB 47100 high resistance to oxidation. 15mm sodium calcium tempered glass diffuser. Reflector made of aluminum by high vacuum 99.99% pure aluminum deposition. Stainless steel A2 external screws. Silicone sealing gasket. Cable entry in nickel-plated brass cable gland Pg13.5 Ø 6/12mm. Powder coated polyester high resistant to UV and oxidation. The fixture is equipped with an orientable mechanical system, allowing for fixture locking and adjustment on both the vertical and horizontal axis. The graduated ring nut hardware allows foe accurate positioning of the light. 

Equipo disponible Potencia nominal de lámpara Flujo de lámpara Eficiencia luminosa CCT CRI
1 x HCIT35WDL 3400 lm 64 lm/W 2819 K 99
Vik 35W HIT 8° spot

Vik 35W HIT 8° spot 

Emisión de luz 1 

1 x HCIT35WDL 

Tipo de Montaje 

Montaje en pared

Forma y medidas 

Longitud: 151 mm

Anchura: 482 mm

Altura ajustable: 151 mm


Potencia: 39 W

Dato fotométrico

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