Product data sheet

ULB-M01А-20W/NW WHITE LED track luminaire IP20



LED track luminaires are professional spotlights for creating indoor lighting systems consisting of several lighting fixtures of the same type on tracks. Track luminaires are universal and multifunctional. These luminaires are very popular in commercial, exhibition and decorative lighting. Advantages: -Universality: they can be installed to any surface to fit into any interior. -Variations:you can choose the height of installation, configuration and number of luminaires on the track, angle of illumination. -High colour rendering index – the colour of goods is not distorted. -Energy efficiency: an excellent replacement for traditional halogen spotlights. -The absence of pulsation of luminous flux reduces visual fatigue and provides comfortable lighting. -Low heat emission – reduction of the load on the conditioners - Simple installation: the luminaires are fitted with a power adapter for a two-wire track. -Heat-resistant and fire-safe components -Long operating life – 25 000 hours -2 years warranty 

Lamp type Nominal lamp power Total flux Luminous efficacy CCT CRI
LED 20 W 1100 lm 55 lm/W 3783 K 84
ULB-M01А-20W/NW WHITE LED track luminaire IP20

ULB-M01А-20W/NW WHITE LED track luminaire IP20 

Light output 1 (integrated) 


Mounting mode 


Shape and measurements 

Length: 108 mm

Width: 147 mm

Height: 188 mm




System power: 20 W

Appliance Class: I


IP: 20

IK: 07

Photometric data

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