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ST8 Tube 18W Frosted White



Product image 1: ST8 Tube 18W Frosted White
Product image 1: ST8 Tube 18W Frosted White

Product image 1: ST8 Tube 18W Frosted White 


S-Tube is an upgraded version CFL tube replacement with LED. It has the best configuration of brightness and power efficiency. S-tube is designed to replace medium bi-pin T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. S-tube fits directly into most fluorescent fixtures providing a simple upgrade to high quality LED lighting. S-tube is optimized to provide light outputs comparable to fluorescent and delivers the immediate benefits of white-LED lighting; long lifetimes, no maintenance, high efficency, no mercury, no recycling, no flickering, no buzzing, instant start, cold temperature operation, and high quality light. It provides energy savings of up to 75% over fluorescent applications that require long hours with low occupancy rates such as stairwells, corridors, warehouses, and remote locations. The high quality S-tube replacement tube is constructed from extruded aluminum to provide a virtually unbreakable, vandal proof lighting solution. 

Lamp type Nominal lamp power Total flux Luminous efficacy CCT CRI
Low pressure sodium vapour lamp 17.9 W 2170 lm 121 lm/W 5181 K 80
ST8 Tube 18W Frosted White

ST8 Tube 18W Frosted White 

Light output 1 (integrated) 

Low pressure sodium vapour lamp 

Mounting mode 

Ceiling mounted

Shape and measurements 

Length: 1213 mm

Width: 26 mm

Height: 26 mm




System power: 17.9 W


IP: 20

IK: 05

Photometric data

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